5 Benefits of our Reusable Silk Face Masks

5 Benefits of Our Reusable Silk Face Mask

Did you know that “maskne” is the new acne? You heard right! What with our lives revolving around aspects such as social distancing, masking, and hand-washing, the pandemic has brought a whole lot of new words into our dictionary, and “maskne” is one of them.

Maskne is a skin condition caused by wearing a mask for prolonged periods, especially one that’s made from poor quality material or is not breathable enough.


While the term has been around for a while now, it has become more prevalent among the general public, due to the pandemic.

But should maskne stop you from wearing a mask? Absolutely not! Why not choose a better alternative? Something that benefits you, your skin, and the environment?

Think about it:

We’re talking about SILK! A material that’s great for the skin and the environment too.

Still not sure? Shift to one of our reusable silk face masks and find out for yourself, available in an array of sublime colors too!

Or better still, read on to know the reasons why you should ditch those single-use face masks and opt for our silk face masks instead.

1.  Is hypoallergenic:

Are you one of those poor souls who constantly suffer from allergies? Try using silk face masks when you go out, instead. Silk is obtained from the silk moth and is a natural fiber. It is resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites, making it the perfect material if you are prone to allergies.   

Best of all…

Silk has a secret ingredient known as sericin, a protein that fights pests.

How does that help?

Sericin helps make silk resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites – all of which cause allergies.  While a lot of the substance gets washed out while producing silk masks, there is still enough to provide the material with its hypoallergenic properties.

Further, the way the fibers in silk are so closely woven together makes it act as a barrier to dust and germs. Your mask will also remain fresh and bacteria-free, even if it is worn for a longer time. So, say goodbye to eczema, redness, and those troublesome itches with your luxurious silk mask.


2.      Provides double-layered protection

Wearing a face mask outdoors has become the new normal. While it is essential for protection against COVID-19, it has also become a fashion statement. But, with masks being made in so many different materials today how is silk superior to them all?

Well, let me tell you.

The reason is that its hydrophobicity index is the highest. What does that mean?

Hydrophobic means the ability to repel water. Water droplets from your mouth and nose find it very difficult to pass through a silk cloth, thereby reducing the risk of any virus being transmitted. This is because the extremely tiny pores in silk make it hard for the water droplets from the mouth to penetrate the fabric.

Further, the closely-knit fiber in silk acts as a strong wall against dust and mites. Just imagine what a three-layered silk mask can do, then? It can enhance the filtration process taking it to a whole new level.

That's not all…


3.      Effective for protecting respirators

Respirators or face masks are in great demand these days. The shortage of N95 respirators has led to discussions over alternative material that can be used in making respirators.

A laboratory-based study has revealed that between cotton, silk, and polyester, silk is the most effective in acting as a barrier to the spread of the coronavirus. The study has discovered that silk is the best material to repel aerosolized droplets. This property remained consistent even after several washes.

What’s more?

Silk can also be sterilized for immediate reuse, which makes it a highly effective material for protecting respirators. Further, the high hydrophobicity property of silk makes it an ideal material for use in the PPE and face mask industry.

Silk is also such a thin material that even a three-layered respirator enables the wearer to breathe easily. Despite that, any number of repeated washes will not damage the silk mask and its hydrophobicity.

4.      Reusable, natural, and good for the planet

With masks becoming a part of our daily lives, the concern of used masks landing up in landfills and dump yards is a huge one. Give a thought to the number of masks you may have disposed of in the last few months. Where do you think they’re going to end up eventually?

They’ll find their way into the oceans and seas, polluting the waters and destroying marine life. A terrible thought, indeed!

The disposable masks you throw away after a single use means that you not only waste money but contribute to pollution as well. Want to wear a mask and feel as if you have contributed to the planet?

Wear a silk mask, instead.

You do not need to worry about disposing of the mask after a single use. You can wash the mask any number of times without affecting its texture, even in high temperatures. So, invest in a good silk mask, be a planet warrior, and protect yourself, in the process.

5.      Promotes a healthy complexion

With a silk mask, you don’t have to worry about rashes and allergies either. Silk is a natural product and is one of the softest materials in the world. Further, its hypoallergenic properties mean that it repels the bacteria that are responsible for rashes and breakouts, making it an ideal choice for people who are prone to skin allergies.

In fact, silk is such a good material for the skin that you can wear it throughout the day, without worrying about your complexion. It’s soft on your skin, retains moisture, and allows your skin to stay hydrated for longer.

Convinced enough? Here’s what you can do next. Invest in a multilayered silk mask. Armed with a silk mask, you can keep your skin soft and supple, protect yourself and others around you, and also do your bit for a healthier, greener planet.